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Hi. I've been taking some classes at Lori's Sewing Place over the past year. I never had the confidence to pursue my love of quilting if l hadn't signed up. The classes are so much fun, relaxing and l've met so many great women there. The teachers are amazing, love Joan so much, they make you laugh, never afraid to ask questions and most of us are at the same level so never feel stupid. Lori is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, she keeps her prices down, bends over backwards for her students or anyone who enters her store. Both her and the teachers are so encouraging and their input is always welcome. Thanks so much Lori for being who you are. Anyone considering quilting should definitely check out her store and talk to her about classes. I'd recommend her to anyone, she really cares.ShelaghYour classes rock!!!
The most important thing about Lori's Sewing Place is that the teachers never forget that they are ongoing students; they love to teach and love to learn, always bringing us fresh new ideas and projects. It is the most welcoming environment, always full of laughs, good conversation, heart felt concern and of course enthusiastic learning. The Learn to Sew classes are perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics and get many useful tips that you will use throughout your sewing years. Quilting classes are always innovative and exciting, I know finishing my first quilt I was so proud of myself, thinking I would never be able to complete one!Finally the Friday Night Sew-cials, what a good time! So many different people (ages as well) get together to enjoy the evening and actually finish a project or two. Thanks to Lori and the girls for all their continuing hard work! I look forward to the new classes
I have been coming to the odd sewing class for the last year. I always learn lots at Lori's Sewing Place, but probably the reason why I continue to show up is the socializing.